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Antique Koken Barber Chair

In 1900, Ernest Koken was a German immigrant, he created a hydraulic-operated chair and also patented the side lever, which allowed the barber to control all the mechanical functions of the chair. This is evident on your piece and pretty cool. 

Origin United States Circa 1905 - 1915

Est Value: $350 - $550 US in current condition. I would have it professionally restored and it could increase its value to $1000 - $1250 US ...  In its current condition I would recommend $600- $750 on your house contents insurance. 

Very cool piece of American history. Please leave a reply to my valuation of your piece ... Thanks kindly ...

Peace Always

Thomas J. Gordyn

Certified Professional Appraiser - AIOA

Proud Member of The American Numismatic Association

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