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Koch Antique Barber Chairs

I have 2 Koch Barber chairs, one in good condition and one that is not all together but I have the parts. They were given to my husband and he has since passed away. I have no idea what the value is and I would like to sell the one for parts and get a value of the one intact. Thank you

looks like arms are wood underneath the porcelain. not sure if green is vinyl or leather but ot has a boomerang type pattern embedded.
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One is fully operational and had the original ashtray and towel bar
Was given to my barber husband as a gift from a boss when he had passed away. We have kept indoors one in my salon and the other in storage in our home. My husband has since died and I am interested in selling the damaged one for parts and getting a value on the other to decide if I would like to sell
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