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Kindel Bedroom Set

This set consists of a 9 drawer long dresser with 9 drawers and top locking drawer which has a built in jewelry organizer. The top left drawer of the long dresser has a oval shaped stamp which reads Kindel Furtniture. The tall dresser/chest has a locking top drawer with similar organizer ( key works for both long and tall dresser). Two pull open cabinet doors which reveal a divided cubby area, a somewhat thin pull out slab almost looks like a desk or shelf maybe beneath the cabinet doors. A subdivided drawer beneath that and a regular drawer beneath that. The long dresser also includes a mirror that has the same wood working/detail on the top of it that the long dresser has on the bottom and a king size headboard with matching decorative woodwork/scrolling on it. Purchased from a local woman just trying to free space in her mothers home while going through her estate. She estimated that the piece was approximatley 50 years old based on what she could recall. Pieces are in great shape! They have sat covered for the last 30 years in her mothers home.

American Furniture
Wood and metal
Distinguishing marks: 
Kindel Grand Rapids stamped in top drawer of long dresser
Date Period: 
Possibly from the 50's to 70's
Size and dimensions of this item: 
32.5 " H and 74" W
Was part of a neighbors mothers estate. Daughter said it belonged to grandmother then passed down to mother then her on her mothers passing. She believes the pieces are approx. 50-60 years old.
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