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Hatchet with unique head design

With such a unique head design, you would think finding the maker of this hatchet would be easy.
It does have the letters "USA" stamped on one side of the head but no other identifying marks.

After doing an extensive amount of research I would be happy just to know the maker, let alone the value.
I purchased it at a garage sale and when the seller said good luck finding another one because of its rarity, I passed those remarks off as another selling point.
I'm starting to believe that he's right.
Seriously, I can't find a photo on the web that's even similar to this design.
Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks for a great site!

Distinguishing marks: 
Date Period: 
Vintage / Antique??
Size and dimensions of this item: 
See photos
3 pounds
The seller had no history on the item. Looking at the handle, it looks to be in unused condition. I do believe it was sharpened at some point in time and the reason for the excellent rating and not mint.
For Sale?: 

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