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Hand Carved Antique Sideboard with Gargoyles

My father purchased this piece at an auction in the early 1980's. I'm not sure exactly what he paid for it, but I believe it was several thousand dollars. He said he bought it because he thought it looked like something that came out of a medieval castle. He told me he believed it was possibly a commissioned piece for a wealthy family, possibly royalty, with the work being performed by a skilled woodworker(s). It features 2 matching gargoyles on the top. It also has 2 beveled mirrors. There's also a small area on the design at the bottom of the left side post that was apparently left unfinished for "spiritual" reasons. The 2 front doors open up to a storage space. The board at the bottom of this space can be removed, and there's another "hidden" storage space beneath it. Any idea what the value is for this piece? Not planning on selling it. Just wondering what it might be worth. Thanks!

Size and dimensions of this item: 
59" wide x 21" depth x 86" height
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