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Greuze portrait and frame

 recently purchased a picture at a thrift store because I loved the frame.  I had to rip open the back of the portrait in order to separate the frame from the portrait. There were small thin nails between the backing and the portrait (see photo).  On the inside of the frame was a label (Rabjohn & Morcom 408 Fourteen St. Oakland).  On the back of the portrait was 403 Sophie Arnould below this was the name Greuze (all written in pencil).  On the bottom, left corner was the number 86.  I included pictures of everything described above.  The picture and frame is 8x10.  Could you please let me know if there is any value in the portrait or the frame?

paper and wood frame
Distinguishing marks: 
Sophie Arnould and Greuze 86. Rabjohn & Morcom 408 Fourteenth St. Oakland label.
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