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Genuine roos chest with original paperwork inside also has serial number


Ive got a genuine roos chest ,one of the documents inside for the insurance shows a barely visible stamp that says 1939. Theres also what i believe is the original paperwork inside the chest authenticating the chest and serial number on the bottom.
It also has a key envelope inside however the key has been lost .im not sure of its value and am hoping someone will be able to give me a value on it as i am looking to sell this.
I dont have room for this and i really would hate to see it ruined as im sure someone with knowledge of the chest would like to have and take care of .

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The Roos Cedar Chest factory was established in 1918, in Forest Park, Ill. a suburb of Chicago. By 1928 their brick building on Harrison Street exceeded 85,000 square feet. It was at one time the largest industrial concern in Forest Park, employing 400 people. Three million feet of cedar a year were used by the roos factory, which which required 1,200 trees per day to be cut. The production of Roos Chest were second only to the Lane company, which is also best known for its cedar chests. The Roos company ceased production in 1951. Cedar Chest like this were mass produced items, none of them are considered rare or particularly valuable in the current market. At auction comparable examples to this one often sell at auction for less than $150.00.

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