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Eric Raemdonck oil painting

Eric Van Raemdonck artist; title Orca-Stration oil on canvas painting 1988 year.

Raemdonk is a noted maritime and wildlife artist whose work wins collectors and admirers all over the world with its touch of fine realism mixed with a hint of fantasy using a richly tropical palette.

Lenox commissioned Erik Van Raemdonck in the mid-1990's to do a set of plates, and then a set of lithographs.

The artist Raemdonck passed away several years ago.

Requesting evaluation retail value for the oil painting, appreciate any information.

oil on canvas painting
Distinguishing marks: 
signed by artist Eric Raemdonck lower right front and signed canvas back.
Date Period: 
1988 year
Size and dimensions of this item: 
4 feet x 5 feet
For Sale?: 

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