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Ed Roos cedar chest

I'm hoping someone can tell me what year this chest was made and if it's worth anything. There's no number on the bottom for me to look up and I can't find anything else even similar to it online. I'm including some pictures.

Distinguishing marks: 
Ed roos company of Forest parks, sealtite lid
For Sale?: 



I have copied an answer to an almost identical chest on the just answers website. Hope this helps..

 The "Roos Manufacturing Co." of Chicago was established in 1871 by Edward Roos (born in Germany in December 1848), died in 1906. He had several children including Otto (born 1877) and Edward (born 1880). Otto took over the Roos Manufacturing Company when his father died in 1906. They did manufacture cedar chests, but it is unclear when they started. The business began making curtain rods and later wooden boxes. They used a rooster in several variations in some of their logos. The "Ed Roos Company of Forest Park" started in Chicago as the Roos Cedar Chest Company in 1916, and also manufactured cedar chests, but it is a different company. They used a tree (presumably a cedar tree) in a circle as their logo. There are also other logos without the tree, and one with a heart for their "Sweetheart" chests. They also used a variety of paper and cardboard labels. Your chest is from the mid 1920's - 30's. For retail value of actual sold sales from good condition $350.00 to excellent condition $600.00

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Those figures are a bit high, we'd have trouble getting even $350.00 for one in the current market. comparables at auction often sell for under $100.00 at auction these days.

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