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Early 1960s Vintage Omega Ladies 18K White Gold Watch - Model #483

This piece came from my aunt's estate. It looks like she may have used it very little if at all as it is in pristine condition. I took it to a jeweler and they took it apart. It's clean and rust-free inside except for the sperm whale oil gunking up the works. So it doesn't currently work but most likely will start with a good cleaning. 

It's a 1962 ladies model #483 maunal wind Swiss watch in 18K white gold. Let's say early 1960s, but I'm fairly sure 1962.

It came from Sweden. 

Serial # 19477098

Watches and Timepieces
18K white gold
Distinguishing marks: 
Omega Logo
Date Period: 
Early 1960s
For Sale?: 

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