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Eagle On Marble Block Signed by A. Giannelli 1968 c Italy


Purchased from my cousin at a garage sell we were all having, paid $15. His Grandpa gave it to him a long time ago and he has had it in his garage forever. While cleaning the sculpture at home I found the A. Giannelli 1968 c Italy signature sculpted into the side. Made me wonder what this is valued at or really any information on it will help tremendously. I would really appreciate any help I could get!

Fine Art
Made of Marble base and sculpture on top not to sure its real heavy though!
Distinguishing marks: 
A. Giannelli 1968 c Italy
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
base and eagle Total Height is 17.5" base and eagle Total width is 15" Marble base only 7.5" x7"x3' tall Eagle only 15"x9"x15" tall
23 lb 5.6 oz
I don't know any history on it besides my cousins Grandpa gave it to him and and he has had it stored in garage since. He and I both didn't even know it had signature inscription on side until I was home and cleaned the entire sculpture and my Uncle actually said to look it up because he found the signature inscription.
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