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DIY bench

I took my great grandmothers spindle head and foot board and turned it into a bench 36in tall 55in length and 20in for width. The seat is 20in off floor. It was a rusty color stain so I had to strip and sand all the old off. I wanted to get that stain off and leave the old worn look too the wood. The seat is just some lumber from Lowe’s and the bottom front is just an old deck board with a design I cut just to add a little something extra. I actually used the same stain for the entire project just different application methods to get the contrast in the new and old wood. This is the first piece I have made. Just wondering if there’s a market for this and what should I be asking if I were to sell it. Would also appreciate some feedback on it as well. Thanks. 

Date Period: 
Early 1900s I’m just guessing
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