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Countryside by Enoch Wedgwood

I recently acquired a set of Countryside dishes,(8 10" plates, 4 7" plates, 7 teacups, 8 saucers, 1 sugar bowl with lid), with the Enoch Wedgwood markings. I've seen everything from Enoch was a cousin of Josiah to these dishes were stolen from Josiah. I realy want to know the history of these dishes as I think they are lovely and bought them because I liked them rather than for a perceived value. 

Purchased for $35 for Countryside,(8 10" plates, 4 7" plates, 7 teacups, 8 saucers and a covered sugar bowl), and 9 Blue Willow saucers. There are no chips or cracks and only slight crazing. Must have been used as the "good china" because most of the plates don't seem to have ever been used.
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