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Complete Dining Set and Hallway Table

Contact for details
Dining Table Side
6 Dining Chairs
Individual Chair

Hi there,

Recently I came to inheirit these items after my mom unexpectedly passed away. I tried doing my own research come these items, however, I hit a dead end once I found out the store she bought these items from has since gone out of business and was replaced by the Fantastik Swap Meet

in Las Vegas, NV.


To give a general description, the dining room table is 30" tall and 22" width on the iron top while 11" on the table base and the table is roughly 65" depth The Chairs that come with the dining table 20.5" width and a 50" height and the chair is roughly 24" depth While the hallway table is 26" tall and 14" width on the iron top while 9.5" width on the base and the table is roughly 60" depth. 

If anyone can help me figure out who made these tables and how much they can be worth I would truly appreciate it. ( also for whatever reason the Dining room table top image and the side image of the hallway table won't post. Thankfully, they look nearly identical so just let me know if you would like me to  post the images seperately for research purposes.)

Distinguishing marks: 
Gold painted brass bars with intricate patterns on marble
Date Period: 
90's-80's when purchased, unknown production date
Size and dimensions of this item: 
In description
Heavy af (unable to weigh on traditional scale, estimate 35-45ibs )
My mom purchased these tables before I was born back in the early 90's to late 80's. The store she originally bought them has since gone out of business and I was unable to find many details on the pieces because of lack of online sources for the store.
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