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With Chinese pieces its very hard to athenticate and some appraisers will not even try to do valuations. Especially when you go by photos that are not the clearest. 

Wax seals began around 1949 and were used for export pieces to ensure ancient chinese artifacts prior to the the late 1700's were not being removed from China. As a result many many reproductions were made with marks similar to original antique ones.

My estimates on your pieces are not for sure but based on what I can see. Providence, Import documentation, a better look at would you have may change what I tell you.

My best guess is this is a reproduction of a much earlier piece and I would date it to the 1960's. Wax seals have been forged as well so this doesn't really hold to much evidence when appraising these objects.

Best Guess 

Circa 1950 - 1960 AD repro

Est Value $20 - $45 a piece as a set $40 - $90


Thomas J. Gordyn

Certified Proffessional Appraiser - AIOA

Proud Member of The American Numismatic Association

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