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Can anyone identify this chandelier?

Hello, I am going through the closets of my in-law's estate. We have found several chandeliers and I was trying to figure out what is what. Can you identify this one? I believe it is brass and glass or maybe crystal. It has been sitting in a home in the middle east since the late 1970's-- but it is likely that my mother in law bought it during her travels in Austria, England or France.  I have not found one single thing like it online. I like the shape of the crystals and how each one is framed. 

Lamps and Chandeliers
brass and glass or crystal or maybe bronze but the metal is thin so brass, right?
Date Period: 
Before 1980
Size and dimensions of this item: 
About the size of a basketball.
Found in an estate in the middle east. The deceased owners often traveled to Austria, England and France.
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