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camelback sofa

camelback sofa from at least the 1950s  79 inches wide from end of wooden armrest to the other.  36.5 inches high on high point in the middle of the back.  Not counting the cushion, the seat is 14 inches above the floor.  Was probably purchased in Tiffin Ohio prior to 1960.  There are a couple of areas where the brass furniture tacks have come out.  At some point the underside was sagging and someone cut some 1/8 " plywood and screwed it to the bottom.  I have no idea of the manufacturers name and since I could not find any similar photos online of this sofa I was hoping someone might be able to identify who made it and roughly what year. I have no interest in restoring it myself but want to know a rough value in its current condition. Perhaps it would be of value to someone who wanted to restore it.

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