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Brandt Furniture w/ Character Table Inquiry

Hello! I purchased the Brandt table in the pics about 18 years ago at a quaint antique shop in Maine. The condition of the table is pretty much exactly how it was when I purchased it. Despite the scuff marks, missing decorative trim, etc I just couldn't resist getting it. It ended up getting moved to a storage closet in my house for several years, so it's a bit dusty. I've always wondered about the history of this table. I can't find a whole lot about the Brandt furniture brand. Just that it operated from 1901-1985, and a few employees re-opened in 1986 and they operate as a small family owned business to present. I'd love to know approximately what year it was made, etc. I paid $50 for it back in 2000. It still has the Brandt stick underneath, albeit quite damaged. Thanks in advance!

American Furniture
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Diameter is 22.25" and the table stands 33" tall
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