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The Blue Boy Dresser

We've had this dresser for a while and decided to sell it. Then we got flooded with a bunch of offers trying to buy it as soon as possible. So I wondering if it was worth more than I thought.

Not sure what you need to help appraise it but this is the only writing on it and it's 55 inches tall.

European Furniture
possibly maple wood
Distinguishing marks: 
see 2nd picture
Size and dimensions of this item: 
55 inches tall, 40 inches wide, length is 19 inches
Bought from a higher end furniture store with exclusive antique pieces
For Sale?: 


Thomas Gordyn's picture

To do a proper appraisal you would need much more info, perhaps providence and pictures (drawers,joints, more pictures of the wood, hardware, nails, manufacture marks sometimes in drawers or bottoms.)  Where bought .. what they said about its providence / origin .. how much you paid ... what people have told you and offered you ... It is a very lovely piece .... but my gut instict leaves many questions about it ...   If you want to send me information further for me to investigate please e-mail the above at     Regards Thomas

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