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Bleikristall - Handgeschliffen Glassware

Hello, I'm having a hard time finding these glasses online (with exact design & colors). I have found 2 individual glasses with this exact design but I can only find them in Europe. It seems many other collections with a different design pattern have made their way to the US but not this particular pattern. Also, I'm trying to figure out whether its best to sell as a set or individually. I believe there might be 1 or 2 other colors in this collection that are missing?? Perhaps a dark blue & a light green. I'm not positive though. The number of pieces per collection seem to vary a little. But again, I'm not having any luck finding this exact glass to compare to. Thank you! (Bleikristall - Handgeschliffen crystal glassware)Lauren

Glassware and Crystal
Crystal glass
Distinguishing marks: 
Gold label
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