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Berkey and Gay Bedroom Set

Berkey and Gay Authenticity Stamp
Berkey and Gay Dresser and Mirror
Berkey and Gay Chest
Secretary Desk
Berkey and Gay Bed
Berkey and Gay Nightstand

I am hoping to get a ballpark idea of what to sell these items for. They are all in good condition without watermarks or scratches. Any insight or information would be very helpful, as I really don't know what to charge. I inherited this furniture which was my stepmum's grandparents. Thank you in advance!

Wood (type?)
Distinguishing marks: 
Berkey and Gay Gold Stamp
Date Period: 
1905 - 1929
For Sale?: 


Lovejoy's picture

Your set is in the Colonial Revival style, which has a number of periods of popularity, the last one being the 1980's to early 90's. Since that time though demand and values for furniture of this type has been in decline, comparable sets often go at auction for under $500.00 these days.

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