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Beanie Babies

Bones 1993, inky 1993, ziggy 1995, snort 1995, nip with white paws 1993, doby 1996, Bernie 1996, scottie 1996, floppity 1996, Pinkys- taffeta 2004, Binksy 2004, meekins 2005. All beanies are in like new condition with the original tags attached.   

Dolls and Plush Toys
Date Period: 
Dates range from 1993 to 2005
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Beanie baby plush toy
For Sale?: 


scott berry's picture

inky 5-10$ bones 3-5  snort 4-10$   all the rest are hard to sell for even 1-2$ .  cats and dogs do have a better chance. ealier tags with no yellow star are better.   i could see teh pile here selling for 10-25$ on ebay if you sold them all together .

scott berry's picture

if the inky or any of them had a single not folded first generation  ty  tag it would be worth more .  usually only the first generation ones with the ealry tags are  the only one worth much. they were a huge hot item and many were made now they are cold cold cold. but the early ones before the folded tag 1993 or before have a chance of being better. but not what they sold for in 1994 or 1995 when they were smokin hot. the dark blue elephant sold for over 2000 back then today it might bring 4-500$

scott berry's picture

your selcome if your really happy approve my appraisal it will help my appraisal points. i am glas i could help.   most the yellow star tags are not worth much . older hind tags 1993 black and white without thename are earier and better also.  the made in korea tush tags help the value also .  check out love my beanies .com  for more info. i remeber running around the store looking for the beanies as they came out i the stores. that was a lot of fun. i still have afew hundred in storage . yellow stars cheap ones and they still dont merrit trying to sell them even for a few dollars a piece. they sell really slow.  it is nice to see the older ones have picked up a little in value again after all these years.

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