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Baby girl with bird in hand alabaster or marble statue on a wooden pedestal

Antique Alabaster Baby w/Bird in Hand Statue
Antique Alabaster Baby w/Bird in Hand Statue
Antique Alabaster Baby w/Bird in Hand Statue
Antique Wooden Pedestal
Antique Wooden Pedestal

I don't know if it is alabaster or marble. I'm assuming alabaster because it's pure white. It weighs quite a bit. It has some kind of a frame within it, as evidenced by the missing toe. That is the only imperfection anywhere on it, otherwise perfect. I would list the condition as excellent if not for the missing toe, which is cleanly missing w/a smooth surface beneath it. It doesn't look "broken" off.

This was my grandmother's who was born around 1900. I have no idea how old the statue is, but she had it for a long time and she passed away in the 70s. I find nothing else like it online when I search. Hopefully someone can help me identify and appraise it. My parents passed away and my sister wants to take it, but before I give it up, I'd like to know if it has any real value.

General Antiques and Collectibles
alabaster or white marble
Distinguishing marks: 
No distinguishing marks that I can locate
Date Period: 
Early 1900s most likely
Size and dimensions of this item: 
17" Height x 17" Width. Pedestal is 38" tall.
Best guess is around 75 lbs.
Was my grandmother's who displayed it in her home. My parents inherited it after her passing, and now my sister and I have inherited it after our parents' passing.
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