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Archie Gunn ( 1863-1930) was a well known and popular illustrator, whose pictures where in leading periodicals, posters and postcards. He was born in England and his father a member of the British Royal Academy. He first studied under his father in London. For a time he designed costumes for Gilbert & Sullivan productions. He also achieved success as a portrait painter; one of his portraits of Disraeli hung on the walls of Queen Victoria's apartments. After coming to America he worked as a magazine and newspaper illustrator. He also did several calendar paintings for the Gerlach Barklow Calendar Company. I can't really tell from images if this is a print or an original, it will require a physical appraisal by a specialist to determine that. Values for his prints tends to modest, with many selling for less than $100.00. His original illustrations in very good condition used for print advertising generally sell for less than $500.00

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