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Appears to be Goofus Glass ?

I found this unique plate at a yard sale and didn't know what it was, but knew it was 'unique' somehow.  I later spotted something very similar in an antique store that said theirs was "Goofus Glass".  I have looked online at a website that lists appraisals they have done on numerous Goofus glass pieces, but I have NOT seen this pattern anywhere.   There are no markings on the bottom.   There are no chips and very little flaking on the bottom that I can see.  The bottom is 'rough' and almost has a golden 'foil' type appearance to it.  It is 13" in diameter.


Any help is most appreciated !



Glassware and Crystal
Glass - Appears to be painted gold & burgundy.. Rough on bottom with metallic looking gold.
Distinguishing marks: 
There are no markings
Size and dimensions of this item: 
13" diameter
For Sale?: 

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