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Antique Vases

There are two vases with similar style decorative flowers, but they are not identical. The background color of the vase is dark blue.

They stand almost 5 inches (about 13 cm) tall.

They are at least 65 years old, but am unsure how much older they could be as they belonged to my mother who passed away in 1961.

They appear to be numbered .... unsure about the tags on the bottom, but under the paper tags, they have the name "Moorcroft" embossed and painted in blue. There is an additional marking on the bottom, but I cannot read it.


Ceramics and Porcelains
Unsure .... china or porcelain
Distinguishing marks: 
Date Period: 
Before 1960, but I don't know more than that.
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Each is approximately 5 inches (13 cm) tall
I believe they were a gift from Suzanne Ewing (Edgar Ewing's wife) to my mother.
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