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Antique slave collars with locks and chains

There is 2 collars woth metal plates that have names and different signs on them. Appears to be a masonic symbol, a cross and what appears to be a family name.the plates are connected to old leather collars that lead to short chains and a lock. One collar seems to be larger than the other on diameter.

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Interesting history from a very sad period in time. It upsets me that there is still much racism in this day and age. Because it was such a bad period in history these pieces are highly collectable.

Circa 1854 - 1855

Origin : Atlanta Gorgia , Richmond Virginia

Slavery was abolished in Virginia in 1865 , In Gorgia abolished in 1865 with the Thirteenth Ammendment. At the end of the Civil War

Abe Lincoln Emancipation Proclamation was in 1863.  

Estimated conservative value: $1500 - $2200 US for the set. If you were ever to sell them I would recommend an auction house that specializes in Slavery items. 

I would insure them as a set for $3000 - $4000 US on your house content insurance.

Some of these pieces that are rarer have been est at auction $600 - $1200 but have went higher. Some as high as $2600 a piece recently. 

Many people are offended by pieces in nature of this subject matter. It is my hopes that history will not repeat itself. Thanks for sharing  ... 

Please reply to my valuation and upvote it, if you find this information valuable. 

Peace and Blessings Always ... 

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