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Antique Singer Sewing Machine

I bought what appears to be an Antique 28K Singer Sewing Machine, that was manufactured in 1900. It comes with lots of different accessories, the original lid and manual. It is in good condition with some damage to the wood and artwork, but is almost completely rust free, not stiff and in complete working order. The only singular piece it is missing is one of the plates that covers the mechanics.

Wood and Cast Iron, possibly some Nickel
Distinguishing marks: 
Stamp from Singer
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
28K Model so 3/4 Size Machine
For Sale?: 


scott berry's picture

The market demand for 20th century Singers is very weak, with the exception being the "Feather Weight " machine beloved by Quilters and some very rare early 19th Century machines. Most like this top out about $75.00.   evebody use to have them they use to be found in garages and barns everywhere but recently , people started making  furniture out of the table part and they started selling. but the furniture market is way down.  i dont see them bring more than 50-75$

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