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Antique Silver Ring

I received this ring from my grandmother who I believe got it handed down to her as well, so I don't have an idea of the age. When the ring was first given to me it was so badly tarnished it was almost back but after it being cleaned up I could make out a crudely written "LM" as well as "925" on the inside of the band. If anyone would be kind enough to give me any information about its origins, age, stone type, or worth I would appreciate it greatly. I am also looking to sell it for a relitily low price as long as it is to someone who will love and appreciate it. 

Angeline Best

Jewelry and Gemstones
Distinguishing marks: 
"925" "LM"
Date Period: 
Unknown but possibly Georgian?
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Sized for a very slight finger, about a size 3 or so
Very heavy for its small stature
For Sale?: 

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