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This is a French watch not Russian circa early 1900's or it has a french movement.

If you can attach some better pictures, of the information inside the covers of the watch please. I would be happy to investigate further. Just let me know when its been updated.

ancre licne droite  . .... means anchor right in French ...

Peace Always

Thomas J. Gordyn

Certified Professional Appraiser - AIOA

Proud Member of The American Numismatic Association

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Hi Thomas,

Thank you so much! I already realized my mistake as Russia used zolotniks to mark gold purity, not karats. I added pictures of the inside. I assume the squirrel hallmark indicates it's a Swiss watch?

Best wishes,


Thomas Gordyn's picture

ancre licne droite  . .... means anchor right in French ...

pierres means stone in French ... so 15 stone I believe would be the movement  15 jewel 

15 Jewels

In addition to the 7 jewels located within the balance assembly and escapement, 15-jewel watches contain:

  • One Pair (2) Pallet Fork Hole Jewels
  • One Pair (2) Escape Wheel Hole Jewels
  • One Pair (2) 3rd Wheel Hole Jewels
  • One Pair (2) 4th Wheel Hole Jewels

15-Jewel movements are sometimes marked with the jewel count.

you are correct zolotniks were used to mark gold purity in Russia

The hallmark is 56 zolotniks gold Russia = 14 k gold 

The second standard of gold recognised by the 1880 Swiss Act was

14 carat. This was a standard of gold that had been used on the continent for many years and was very popular. The Swiss legal fineness standard for 14K was 583‰ which was indicated by the mark of a single squirrel as shown in the illustration of the marks.

Thus you have 14 k swiss standard finess because of the squirrel ...14 carat gold a squirrel  Swiss Act 1880 was when the squirrel was implemented.

The name on the watch refers to Saratov (Russian: Named Сара́тов is a city  

Sokolova (Соколова, feminine) is one of the top ten most common Russian last names.[1] It is derived from the Russian word "сокол" (sokol, meaning falcon)

Sokolova is the watch manufacturer name ->Соколова Сара́тов <-  Saratov place of manufacture Western Russia ... 

I believe this watch case is swiss by the hallmarks on the back of lid. I believe the interworking may have had parts from France but the interworking look like other Russian movements / workings to me. This watch would have been assembled in the City noted by the family noted  .. thus the name of the company/place were added prior to sale, on the watch face and bottom at the back of the watch.

Very interesting piece of history and period of time.

I would estimate this watch dates from 1890 - 1905 from finished product in Western Russia.

Est Value: $60 - $120 scrap value.  I would not recommend restoring this watch as it would cost a lot to replace parts and fix. 

Bernadeta .. thanks for the additional information. It was an interesting piece to research. With 3 countries involved in its manufacture of this piece, it could be where the term time travel originated  : ) .... If you could please reply and leave me some feedback on my valuation it would be appreciated. If you found this information I provided as valueable ... please upvote it.

Peace Always

Thomas J. Gordyn

Certified Professional Appraiser - AIOA

Proud Member of The American Numismatic Association

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