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Antique Rocking Chair

Hi, this rocking chair has been in my father's family for over five generations.  It was in my great-great grandparents' house in rural Georiga.  No one seems to know where it might have come from.  The seat is leather and there is an inlaid torch with a small circle of mother of pearl.  Sadly it has not been cared for and I'm worried it would not be worth it to have it restored.  I can't find anything like it in my Google searches.

Thanks in advance.

American Furniture
Wood with a leather seat.
Distinguishing marks: 
A torch on the back with a small "dot" of mother of pearl.
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Rocking chair size?
From my father's great grandfather's home in rural Georgia.
For Sale?: 

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