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scott berry's picture

1822-1879  famous photographer  . you need to lok him up!!!  this is a eally photo by  a famous artist.  it looks like it might be a 1879 stero optic photo made by him. i can not guess to the value someone tryed to sell a half of one of these for almost 600$ but it did not sell . he is quite famous and this is quite valuble but i am not the best expert on this stuff but id guess it is worth at least 100-300$  and you shoud,.have it expertly appraised . here or bring it to an art appraiser. this is an amazing piece !!! 

scott berry's picture

i found where some of his photos have sold. one for 1800 and the otther for  4200$   . your piece might be less than these but i bet its still really quite valuable

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