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Antique Oak China Hutch

I am interested in having this china hutch appraised. If I remember correctly the back of one of the mirrors is dated 1898 or 1889. It is oak and has all the original brass hardware.  The poured glass on the door and the 2 mirrors are also original. It is in great shape other than the missing piece in the lattice work that sits on the glass door.  This belonged to my father's parents.  I am afraid I don't have much more information and all of the family that might know something is deceased.  If you have any questions please feel to ask. Thank you for taking to time to look at this. 


American Furniture
oak, pour glass, brass hardware
Distinguishing marks: 
mirror dated on the back 1898 or 1889?
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
not sure
not sure
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