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Antique massive square table with 5 ornate carved legs

This square table, very heavy, with original finish was inherited from my Kansas pioneer ancestors. The table top fits on top of 5 carved legs, four legs on planks of 2 each, and a 5th leg with a big peg fits in the middle of the table.  It seems to be too short to have been used as a dining table. Could it be a work table used in a kitchen? Or as a library table, possibly in a church? What would its value be estimated, please?

American Furniture
Heavy hard wood
Distinguishing marks: 
Original finish, good condition. Legs are stained dark, also original finish.
Date Period: 
circa 1880
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Table top is square, about 40 inches each side, Height about 25 inches.
Table top about 50 pounds. Legs, all five combined weigh about 40 pounds.
The piece is one handed down from Kansas pioneers to current descendant. Possibly it came from Canada, Illinois, Virginia or Kentucky to Kansas on the covered wagon. Alternately, it may have been made by my German cabinet maker ancestor who left Germany in 1847, grew to manhood in Ontario, Canada, studied cabinet making in Chicago area in 1860s, and did cabinetry on many homes from 1871 upon his arrival in the new Kansas town as it was being founded.
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GGGone's picture

Thanks for this info, Smitt55. I see from the signature on the board connecting the one pair of legs it is made by C A Bache of Concordia, Kansas. He had a furniture store and made furniture in Concordia from 1895 until about 1935. It is oak, now that I have cleaned it up. Beautiful tiger oak carved legs.

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