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Antique German Porcelain Perfume Set

Antique German Porcelain Perfume bottles (or at least that is what I found online).  Aquired from an estate sale.  It comes as a pair.  They are beautifully crafted.  That is about all I know as the people at the estate sale did not know much.  They both say "Germany" and "4604" at the bottom. 

Antique Bottles
Appears to be porcelain
Distinguishing marks: 
"Germany 4604" on the bottom of each
Date Period: 
1891-1922 (I believe)
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Approximately 6in in height, 3in wide
Marked on the bottom of the two perfume bottles Germany and the impressed numbers 4604 and was made between 1891-1922. (Please do not quote me on this. It is what I found online.)
For Sale?: 

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