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Lovejoy's picture

You have a wide variety of items , some of them of very different age ranges and styles, dating from about 1895- 1960. The first two pictured are Empire Revival, dating from the 1890's, demand for them peaked during the early 1990's, but has been in decline since that time, we'd retail each one at no more than $500.00. The Table and chairs are French Provincial, a style which has gone in and out of fashion about every 30 years or so, this set likely from the 1950's, not much demand for furniture in this style currently either, comparable sets often go at auction for under $250.00.

Michael Dove's picture

Thank you Lovejoy. This is very helpful.  Thanks for taking the time to do this. Very much appreciated.  Hoping to get similar comments for the other items pictured as well. 

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