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Antique French Aneroid Barometer

French Aneroid Barometre

I got this Barometer from my Grandfather. He said it was an antique

French Aneroid Barometer. I believe it is Brass on back but not sure.

I have looked for hours and I can not figure out its maker or value if 

any. It is a Desk or Mantle free standing. It seems the flowers are hand Painted I believe. Its about 6 inches tall. 

The writing on the front reads from top left to right

Tempete Pluie Incertain Beau Tres sec De Precision  Barometre

its #69 to 80

I found a couple of Clocks that seem close in design but I am not sure if either one is close to yhe same maker. I will include those pics too for example.

Any help woulld be appreciated

Thanks Diane


Scientific Instruments
Brass & ?
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
6 or 7 inches
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