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Antique Dish Set

We found some interesting dishes in my grandmothers things and believe she bought them in Belize but are not certain since they traveled frequently. I have searched the internet and cannot find anything like it. Hopefully you can help.  They may not be worth anything but I would still like to find out more about it since it has peaked my curiosity.  There is a set of 12 cups and saucers (originally 14 but 2 are cracked)  the cup fits into an indention to one side of the plate. There is also a tea pot, and what looks to be creamer and sugar.   Some of the cups say "Made in Japan" and some have Asian writing so I asked a friend of mine from Japan what it said and she said told me it says "Made in China"  We got a good laugh out of that.Thank you for any information you can provide, 

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