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antique coal kitchen stove

6 burner antique coal kitchen type stove, bread warmer with door, no broken or missing parts,    Stove is a Stewart Fuller Warren cast iron Kitchen stove,   magnet 80-14.    It is in good condition, some rust on some surfaces, no holes or soft spots.     Nickle trim in good shape also with some spotting.     Around base has rolled steel caped with cast caps, rather than plain base.   Has fold down pot warmers off back wall,  some ornate nickle decorative accents with matching cast accents on front and some other surfaces, plus nickle trim and surface accents.     Mother had and used it for 20 years, has been in dry protected storage for 40 years, was restored by Mother  but  now shows age.      Appears readily usable and would respond very well to restoration efforts.     Pictures included (I hope) 

cast iron, nickle trim
Distinguishing marks: 
Stewart Name/label on warmer
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
31 inch wide, plus 8 inch side shelf (nickle trim all), 30 inch at stove surface, 56 inch to top of brad warmer box.
heavy, maybe 200 pounds plus/minus
Mother used for 20 years, had fixed up and restored , In dry and protected storage fro last 40 years. Downsizing and time move stove along, plans unable to use stove in future home.
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