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Antique Claw foot Display Case


Hello, I have a large claw foot display case with curved glass in front and sides with tiger wood patterned dates but looks like there used to be two labels on back , and has four shelves...I photographed one but could not see any writing, just a floral pattern on edge of label. I purchased this in Murray, Kentucky

American Furniture
made of wood...please help appraise or give an idea on when, where, by who [company] this was made....Love it and would like to know more about it and value? Thank you!!!!!!
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It's late Empire Revival, most of it predates World War One, but was made into the 1920's. Demand peaked for them in the 1990's and has been in decline since then. We still get about $500.00 for one like this, but at auction they sell for far less

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