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Antique Chippendale Tables

This table was in my family since before my birth in 1957 - it has no screws or nails visible anywhere. I have no idea how it was assembled or if it was carved from a single block of wood ! The only thing that was applied is the veneer to the top which you can see only because it has a small area where it flaked or chipped off a bit by a corner. I am stumped as to how the legs are connected. I would like to know an approximate age & a value if possible. Is it Chippendale or Queen Anne ? Thank you 

American Furniture
Distinguishing marks: 
As in photo a model number & lot number
Date Period: 
February 9 2019
Size and dimensions of this item: 
28”H x 18” square
5 to 10 lbs ?
Heirloom passed down through family. It’s been in my family since before 1957 but I have no idea if it’s true age.
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