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Antique China Cabinet

Not sure much about this fellow, other than has been in the family for at least three generations. Four of the shelves appear to be "originals" and others have been added over time.

Have found no makers mark or labels anywhere. 

The picture on the right side of the cabinet has been removed since the photos taken, no damage from its removal. There is a crack in one of the glass panels, shown in photo. 

We're interested in how one would "classify" this cabinet, and any estimated value. 

American Furniture
Wood, unsure what sort
Distinguishing marks: 
None to be found
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Height 80" Width (drawer section) 46" (upper section) 44 3/4" Depth (drawer section) 18 1/4" (upper section) 13"
Bloody heavy
In family for at least three generations. "Said" to have come around the Horn, but cannot be verified.
For Sale?: 

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