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Antique Buck's Stove Sterling 1890-ish?

Hi. I'm not sure of the date it was manufactured, but I had found similar looking Buck Stoves that date around 1890. I believe it has all original parts except the shaker handle is missing. The over-all condition seems to be pretty good. The lady we bought it from used it from time to time.

Home Furnishings
Distinguishing marks: 
It was manufactured in St. Louis MO. There are quite a few numbers and letters that are stamped (or molded) into the cast iron burner covers, oven door etc... If you need any of those, please specify and I will get them.
Date Period: 
Through minimal research I believe it was manufactured around 1890.
Size and dimensions of this item: 
The stove top is 39" high, the back is 5' high, the stove is 30" deep, and 39" wide (counting the water reservoir).
Never moved it. I would guess around 200 pounds?
For Sale?: 

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