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Antique bronze Tibetan wrathful deity phurba


I received this antique phurba as a gift, along with a set of tingsha and a mala, from my former brother in law about 15 years ago. It has been sitting in my desk pen cup for many years! Wink i truly do not know anything of it's origins, and as far as i have gotten by searching around online is that it represents the "wrathful dieties".

I would love to know it's era and approximate value, it looks to be in so so condition, and it is.impossible for me to tell.

Thank you so much for your knowledge and input!

Asian Art
I believe it must be bronze or possibly copper
Distinguishing marks: 
Nothing that i understand to represent an originating source
Size and dimensions of this item: 
6" long
86.78 grams
For Sale?: 

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