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Antique bronze bells

I have 11 antique bells, largest is 12 1/2 inches across the mouth and is a Spanish Mission design, cast bronze with a deep tone that carries for about 1 minute.  The next largest has 1810 and D.E. cast into the decorative surface and the next few smaller ones have religious iconography (Virgin mother and Jesus) with inscriptions that appear to read "En la imagen del corazon"  All have clappers but one very small one.  I can provide more photos if needed.

Bronze and Brass for the most part, smaller ones unknown
Distinguishing marks: 
One bell has 1810 and D.E. Others have religious icons, Mary and Jesus, also Jesus on the cross with Spanish inscriptions that appear to read "En la imagen del corazon". One very small one has a painted or coated surface with a floral motif.
Date Period: 
Unknown, I'm told that the 1810 is likely commemorative of something and not a manufacture date, but they are clearly old.
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Largest is 12 1/2 across the mouth of the bell
Largest is 30 lbs
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