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Antique armless wooden dining chairs with hand painted embossed leather

Hi, I purchased 6 of these dining chairs at a yard sale.  They were originally in a home in Jackson hole.  I don’t know much more.  The person I bought them from said they are all original and had to be o Er 100 years old.  They are a bit beat up but still look good for how old they are.  You can tell they were pieces of art when they were new.  I would like to know if you can shed any light on them as to what period they were build innand if they have any monetary worth.  I greatly appreciate your help with this.  There is one stamp of what seems to be a logo or signature on the back of one of he chairs.  Thank you, Amy Allen

American Furniture
Wood and painted embossed leather
Distinguishing marks: 
Beautiful art work on the seats and backs
Date Period: 
Maybe revival or renaissance
For Sale?: 

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