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American Limoges China Rose Smooth

I have a large set of this. One serving plate appears to have a signature. I cant find this set anywhere except replacements . com and its 43 dollars for a coffee pot lid. I have found nothing else online. I did find a scalloped edged set with same pattern but mine is smooth not scalloped. Even those are not widely available. That set was 1500 with less pieces than I have. Any idea what this set is worth? A complete stranger gave it to me when my family was going through a hard time.

Distinguishing marks: 
Signature on a serving plate
This was given to me by a complete stranger.
For Sale?: 


Lovejoy's picture

You can't really go by replacements for an accurate valuation, sets like this sell for far, far less in the secondary market. Currently the market is flooded with 20th century dinner services and not much in the way of buyers. At auction comparable sets of 10-12 place settings often sell for under $400.00.

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