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1996 Hippity Beanie Baby- Rare!

5th Generation Hippity Beanie baby with many errors and P.V.C Pellets and good condition, soon to be authenthicated. I want to know how much this is worth.

Qualities I think makes this rare:

1. Front of swing tag 1st error is the misspelling of the word "ORIGIINAL"- is spelled with "ii"

2. 2nd error, the word surface is misspelled as "SUFACE" with no "R"

3. No stamp inside tush tag

4. 3rd error, there is an extra space before and after the semicolon ";" (inside right swing tag) this is significant because it should have been printed as a regular colon with no space ":"

5. P.V.C pellets

6. There is no "U.K" after P015 5tx(inside swing tag)

7. Tush tag has the Circle R Trademark and the TM trademark



Dolls and Plush Toys
Polyester fiber and P.V.C Pellets
Distinguishing marks: 
Misspellings on swing tags, no stamp inside tush tag
I'm the original owner
For Sale?: 

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