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1972 Sonntage Swarovski crystal paper weight

Swarovski paper weight with a brass plated bottom with a sonntage calender for 1972 in raised lettering... which I've come to learn means Sunday. It's probably about 2 and a half inches in diameter. I think it's considered medium in color for this category of pinkish rainbow. Someone told me it may be the first of the paperweights produced by swarovski and I'm curious if this may be so. It's in good condition with no chips or scratches and i was wondering if anyone can confirm this fact about the company'sfirst model...and any ball park value would be fun to know although it's more pretty to me than valuable. Thank you

Glassware and Crystal
Crystal... Honeycomb style cut glass
Distinguishing marks: 
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
2 and a half inches
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