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1930 Aero-1930-USN Theodolite Scope w/ crate-Technicolor Motion Picture Corp Hollywood w/ crate

USN Theodolite Scope

1930 Type Aero - USN No. 27-42 stamped on top "Technicolor Motion Picture Corp., Hollywood, CA" w/ original wooden crate w/ leather carrying strap. Crate also has a brass plate that reads, "Technicolor Motion Picture Corp., Hollywood, CA #27". The scope is intact & seems complete. It is permanently mounted on a wood base that matches the carrying case.

It also has a repair tag from 1952 is marked "WB Form 080. Instrument Theodolite No. 27. From (station): Binghampton, NY. Defects: need of minor repairs. Reported (date) 10/1/52. Signed by Gean Di Lauro(?). Title: Meteorologist in Charge. Use on defective instruments only."

It swivels & tilts to all positions. Lenses seem good. Levelig bubbles are accurate. Wheel at the top is about 13 inches high.


Scientific Instruments
Distinguishing marks: 
Technicolor Motion Picture Corp Hollywood, CA, Gean di Lauro. brass & iron instrument w/ wooden crate
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
15 lbs (?)
Purchased recently from antique store in Northern California coastal town. Prior history is indicated by 1952 repair tag. Otherwise unknown.
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